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Greater Yellowstone/ Southern Youth Branch

[Image Description: An expansive view of the snow capped peaks with rolling, green hills and fields of bright yellow flowers in the foreground.]

Julio Flores - Field Coordinator

Julio Flores - Field Coordinator

Julio was born in Dallas, TX where he was partly raised until moving to the Lehigh Valley, PA and then
Tucson, AZ for college. He spent much of this time escaping the big city or suburbia for the solace of the
woods, mountains, and streams. After graduating, he worked in the financial sector for a few years until
he concluded he would never be satisfied with a career that didn’t revolve around the outdoors. This is
when he discovered AmeriCorps and would start his journey as a trails crew member for Arizona
Conservation Corps. He would go on to serve as a lead, filling in where needed on an indigenous fencing
crew, then a plant survey crew, next a backcountry crosscut crew, and finishing out on another trail
crew. Deciding to return to the east coast, he would then serve as an individual placement for Maine
Conservation Corps working on Portland’s urban trail system. Yet, wanting to escape the big city once
again, he would choose to accept a Trails Technician position for USFS in the White Mountain National
Forest out of the Androscoggin Ranger District in Gorham, NH. Once the season came to an end and
feeling a change of pace, he opted in for a lead position on a prescribed fire crew for North Carolina
Conservation Corps. Although missing the mountains, he knew he would have to explore a new area of
the country outside of the southeast. Ultimately, this is what led him to his current home of Bozeman,
MT where he is excited to be in good company. When not in the outdoors, Julio can be found playing
pool, in a cozy spot reading, playing his keyboard, or enjoying a movie.