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Dillon Pride - Field Coordinator

Dillon Pride - Field Coordinator

Growing up in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, Dillon is no stranger to the outdoors. Graduating from Lake Superior State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Fire Science, Dillon wanted to travel westward and work on a hand crew fighting wildfires. He ended up accepting a six month crew member position with Conservation Corps of Minnesota and Iowa in 2016, where he then completed two more terms of service as a crew leader and a field specialist. During his time with CCMI, Dillon deployed on a combined 150 days of disaster responses and it was during these deployments where he worked with many Montana Conservation Corps members and staff. Impressed by the professionalism of the staff and work ethic of the crews, Dillon accepted a Field Coordinator position with MCC in 2019. Some of Dillon’s favorite outdoor activities include hiking, camping, kayaking, hunting, and rock climbing.