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Central Divide

[Image Description: A panoramic view of the buttes and hills outside of the city of Helena. The sun is gently setting, coloring the sky with pastel hues of pink and yellow.]

Ross Heymans - Field Coordinator

Ross Heymans - Field Coordinator

Ross (he/him) is originally from Winona, Minnesota; land of the Dakota peoples. He grew up running around the hardwood forests overlooking the Mississippi River Valley. Since 2009 he’s been teaching folks all sorts of skills on how to feel comfortable and confident in the outdoors while imparting a value of stewardship of the land. Having taught in multiple states and organizations along the west coast including; WA, OR, CA, and AK, he is excited to now be on the MCC team here in Helena, MT. 

Ross believes wholeheartedly in the values of experiential learning in the natural world that MCC brings to it’s members and the lands they conserve. Outside of work he can frequently be found getting distracted by birds in the mountains, talking to anyone who will listen about knots, shooting archery, or crafting any number of things at home.