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Five youth participants wearing yellow helmets, green MCC shirts and brown pants are standing with two adult leaders wearing white helmets.  They are standing on rocky berm with sage brush plains and rolling hills behind them.

Young Adult Opportunities

YCC Expedition Leader

Are you an enthusiastic leader who loves the outdoors and working with middle school and high schoolers? Then you've come to the right place! As an expedition leader of an MCC youth conservation crew (YCC), you will guide local Montana youth in conservation service-based outdoor projects on our public lands. You'll have the chance to positively impact the lives students, local communities, and some of the most treasured wild lands in the West.

If you're committed to, and impassioned by, making an impact on both the lives of youth and our public lands, then serving as a leader of a youth crew is the right position for you! The Youth Conservation Corps Expedition Leader will lead crews with a co-leader for month long projects, working intensively in one community to fully explore a variety of hands-on natural resource projects.  YCC crews are based in remote, rural communities around Montana, with crew sizes of 5-8 participants. The youth participants typically go home every evening. 

YCC Expedition Leaders will have the opportunity to earn certifications such as Wilderness Advanced First Aid, Chainsaw and Crosscut certifications, and participation in workshops such as Facilitative Leadership, Youth Mental Health First Aid, and Managing Behavior Using Restorative Justice. You will also get exposure to resource professionals with agencies like the US Forest Service and National Park Service.

Be remembered tomorrow by youth by applying today!