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Women standing in protective gear including helmets and chaps. One of the females is wearing the white leader helmet. they are holding fire extinguishing devices and there in snow on the ground but a large fire behind them from burn piles

Young Adult Opportunities

Women's Fire Crew Leader

In a Harvard Business Review, Women Leaders described themselves in ways that characterize “transformational” leadership—getting others to transform their own self-interest into the interest of the group through concern for a broader goal. Moreover, they ascribe their power to personal characteristics like charisma, interpersonal skills, hard work, or personal contacts rather than to organizational stature. This is ideal for someone who's interested in being one of our Women's Fire Crew Leaders.

Your primary work includes working with a crew of women on habitat restoration and fuels mitigation with the potential for fire response and prescribed burning with a heavy emphasis in chainsaw use.  You will earn your S212 (Wildland Fire Chainsaws), S130 (Firefighter Training), S190 (Introduction to Wildland Fire Behavior), and your red card after passing a pack test and physical. Basic First Aid and CPR training will also be provided. This experience will give you on the job training for a career in wildland firefighting and an opportunity to be a part of a groundbreaking group of diverse women.

Each crew will consist of 5 members and 1 leader. Crews will work and camp for up to 14 days at a time in frontcountry and backcountry locations in all types of weather conditions. Among other various projects, project work will include habitat restoration and fuels reduction. If conditions permit the crew will have the opportunity to go on one fire roll and complete prescribed burn work in the fall.

  • Position Closed 2021
    Location: Start in Bozeman, MT; The projects will take place in Wyoming
    Program Dates: Flexible start as close to March 8 as possible through August 13, 2021
    Living Allowance: $700 biweekly before taxes
    AmeriCorps Education Award: $3097.50 upon completion of the program