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Black young adult man and two Caucasian young adult men with sprayers and protective eye wear, and long sleeve MCC shirts  spraying for weeds in a mountainous setting with several pine trees

Young Adult Opportunities

Wildland Restoration Team Member

Wildland Restoration crews are on the front lines of invasive species management and ecological restoration in an early detection rapid response model for wildland restoration.  Crew members are trained in plant identification, inventory and monitoring techniques using GPS, invasive species management that may include chemical, biological and mechanical treatments, and resource conservation management practices. Wildland Restoration crews may also participate in innovative wetlands and habitat restoration projects such as beaver pond mimicry. Projects are often rigorous requiring participants to carry a heavy backpack sprayer and work in hot weather across rugged terrain while wearing protective gear. The exposure to resource professionals working on premier public lands in the West and real-world job experience in wildland restoration is unparalleled. You will gain intensive, hands-on experience in ecological restoration and invasive species management, Leave No Trace principals, backcountry travel, camping in diverse wildland settings including remote wilderness and national parks, and Basic First Aid/CPR certification! Don't get stuck in the weeds...apply today! 


  • CLOSED, to open in mid December
    Location: Bozeman, Kalispell, and Missoula MT
    Program Dates: May 17, 2021 through August 13, 2021
    Living Allowance: $600 gross biweekly before taxes are taken out
    AmeriCorps Education Award: $1,638 upon completion of the program

  • AmeriCorps Stacked
    AmeriCorps Stacked
  • Serve MT
    Serve MT
  • 21 Centutry Conservation Service Corps
  • Accredited Corps with The Corps Network
    Accredited Corps with The Corps Network