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Three crew members walking in a field with weed sprayers on their backs indicating they are a Wildland Restoration Team Crew

Young Adult Opportunities

Wildland Restoration Team Leader

Our Wildland Restoration Team Leader has an opportunity keep wild places wild.  Our crews participate in spraying invasive plants which are a leading natural threat to ecological communities in the Northern Rocky Mountains and Great Plains. Watershed systems, native plants and animals, public health, and recreation all depend on healthy ecosystems and is why this position is so important! Wildland Restoration crews may also participate in innovative wetlands and habitat restoration projects such as beaver pond mimicry. Projects are often rigorous, requiring participants to carry a heavy backpack sprayer and working in hot weather across rugged terrain while wearing protective gear. Your knowledge, drive, and ambition to make what may seem like a boring task have sparkle and glamour by educating and encouraging others to care for our ecological communities is what will make you a great member of this team!  Plus, the exposure you will get to resource professionals working on premier public lands in the West and real-world job experience in wildland restoration is unparalleled. Crew Leaders also earn Herbicide Applicators Licenses.