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Seven youth in the forest and are wearing green MCC t-shirt made with wicking material, both boys and girls and three have on the yellow MCC helmet and 1 has a white helmet and is a young adult leader for the youth program.

Young Adult Opportunities

Senior Expedition Leader

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    Location: Kalispell and Bozeman, MT
    Program Dates: 3/7/2022- 8/26/2022
    Living Allowance: $900 biweekly before taxes are taken out
    AmeriCorps Education Award: $3,247.50 upon completion of the program
    Ages: 21 to 35

As a Senior Expedition Leader, you will flow between the roles of teacher, mentor, and coach. You will work to help  Expedition Leaders encourage youth in the worlds of conservation and stewardship. Most importantly, you will do it all with Big Sky Country as your office. If you are ready to take your experience with youth to the next level, this could be the position for you. 

Senior Expedition Leaders participate heavily in recruiting youth.  They go to schools, classrooms, and recruiting fairs to talk about the benefits of participating in the Montana Conservation Corps.

If you are ready to take your next step in leadership to lead leaders, sign up today!