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picture with seven crew members both male and female.  Two are wearing the leader white helmet and the remaining in the yellow crew helmet.  They are in front of a building and behind a sign indicating we are doing work. They are all wearing a green MCC w

Young Adult Opportunities

Fire Prevention Crew Member

Tired of watching on the TV as neighborhoods burn due to forest fires?  Then become part of the team that helps prevent this from happening! Our Fire Prevention crew specializes in protecting land from the threats of wildfires.  In the last decade we have seen fires burning more frequently in residential areas which leads to a huge expense and use of resources.  Through working on lands and around homeowners property, we help reduce resource use when wildfires burn these areas.  This work includes reducing fuels immediately around homes through spreading gravel, brushing out smaller conifers and bushes, and removing ground litter that can spread fire quickly.  There is also an emphasis on fuel reduction on people's property and focusing on using chainsaws to thin out small trees that can spread fire easily in these areas.  Our Fire Prevention crews will get training on wildfire mitigation, proper chainsaw use, and how to work in the Wildland Urban Interface, which is a growing area in the fire world.


  • CLOSED, will open in early December
    Location: Missoula, MT
    Program Dates: May 17 through October 8, 2021
    Living Allowance: $600 gross biweekly before taxes are taken out
    AmeriCorps Education Award: $2,360 upon completion of the program

  • AmeriCorps Stacked
    AmeriCorps Stacked
  • Serve MT
    Serve MT
  • 21 Centutry Conservation Service Corps
  • Accredited Corps with The Corps Network
    Accredited Corps with The Corps Network