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Frequently Asked Questions

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Young Adult Opportunities

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does MCC provide relocation?

    You are responsible for your transportation costs to and from Montana.  Please communicate with your Program Manager if this is a major issue. There may be ways we can possibly be accommodating.

  • Does MCC provide housing?

    While on projects, your home is a tent for most of the time, which you are responsible for providing. MCC can rent tents to individuals depending upon availability. It is your responsibility for finding your own housing while not on projects. Many members find housing together. Each regional office page has resources to help you find suitable housing and we try to connect you with other crew members for shared housing.

  • What about transportation?

    You’ll need to get to the MCC office or other meeting places on your own, but it is not necessary to have a car. It is often possible to carpool with other members on a crew, bike, or walk to a regional office. MCC provides transportation from the office to the worksite and back.

  • Is food paid for?

    While on projects, you’ll receive a meal allowance in addition to your living stipend. During your days off, you are responsible for your own meals. Your living stipend is meant to cover this expense. Many of our participants qualify for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) while serving with MCC although it isn't guaranteed.

  • Where can I find applications and how does the process work?

    The positions are posted on our website and you can apply for one or more. Once you’ve determined which positions are right for you, follow the instructions listed on that page. After we’ve received your completed application, it will be routed to the hiring manager and reviewed by regional staff.  The regional office is responsible for deciding whether or not to interview and offer you a position. If you are offered an opportunity you will be enrolled as an AmeriCorps member with Montana Conservation Corps.

    Current Open Opportunities

  • What is MCC's Drug and Alcohol Policy?

    While MCC doesn't drug screen prior to hiring new members, we do reserve the right to test if there is valid reason. MCC is a drug and alcohol free workplace. Drugs and alcohol are not permitted on MCC time while serving.

  • When are applications due and what is the hiring timeline?

    All of our positions are open until filled and the hiring process is competitive. The corresponding position page will list if we are no longer accepting applications. The timeline from when you apply to when you’re offered a position will vary.  You’ll receive notification within 7-10 days by regional staff if you’ve been invited to interview for a position or if you are no longer being considered. If you’re offered a slot, it’s extremely important for you to remain in contact and complete the AmeriCorps enrollment process. 

  • How do I know if my application meets the minimum criteria?

    AmeriCorps members must be:

    • A U.S. Citizen, National, or Lawful Permanent Resident
    • At least 18 years of age
    • Have obtained (or be willing to obtain), a high school diploma or GED 

    Please fully take into account the dates for the term of service. If you cannot commit to the full duration of the program dates, please look at another one of our programs.

    Those seeking a position with Big Sky Watershed Corps must also have a college degree or equivalent, preferably in watershed, environment, or an education related field.

  • I’m a student. Can I still apply?

    Of course! Many of our members are college students. Please check that your availability coincides with our program dates. Some students find it necessary to take off the fall school semester to complete our program. 

  • Do you have a preferred submission method for my application?

    Yes. To reduce our paper consumption, we prefer applications that are completed online. PDFs can also be emailed to We also accept applications via standard mail or fax. Those may be sent to Montana Conservation Corps, 301 N Willson Ave, Bozeman, MT 59715 or faxed to (406) 587-2606. Please note application and hiring timelines will be lengthened when using standard mail.

  • Do I need any training to join? What training will I receive?

    For many of our positions, no previous experience is required!

    Please see position descriptions for either Open or Closed positions for more information

    View Young Adult positions

  • Is preference given to applicants who have served with MCC before?

    We value the experience that all applicants bring to the organization—whether that’s with MCC or not. While serving with MCC or another AmeriCorps program strengthens your application, it is not the deciding factor to obtaining a position.

  • How do I apply to a specific region?

    After you’ve submitted an application and answered our questions about regional placement, your application is routed based on two factors: your personal selections and current hiring needs of the region. We will always try to place applicants into their preferred region but this doesn’t always happen. If you want to obtain a position with MCC, being flexible to serve in any region will increase the likelihood of being offered a position.

  • Will I be considered for other positions if I don’t receive an offer for the one I applied to?

    After we’ve received your application, we will ask you if you would like to be considered for other positions. In the event that you aren’t offered a position, we may contact you about reapplying to a different position.

  • Can I start my term of service 1-2 weeks late?

    No. Our programs are highly contingent on you attending leadership development and technical skills trainings. These occur at the beginning of your term of service and are nearly impossible to miss.

  • Do you have any summer-only positions?

    Yes! We have summer-only and fall-only crews, but they are not always offered in every region.

  • What opportunities are available after MCC?

    Much of this depends on your interests. Many members return the next year as MCC Crew Leaders. Many MCC alumni find work with the Forest Service, Park Service, or other natural resource agencies and organizations.  Our Conservation Intern and Fellow Program as well as Big Sky Watershed Corps have even designed grants to stay on with their host site.  

  • Are your programs exclusively for Montana residents?
    • AmeriCorps positions  are open to all US Citizens, Nationals, or Lawful Permanent Residents


    • Youth Service Expeditions are for Montana teenagers only.
  • Is the AmeriCorps stipend enough to live on?

    The stipend is adequate to meet your basic needs for housing, food, and routine needs. You may find it difficult to meet other financial obligations such as a car payment or credit card payment, so please consider your needs and determine whether you would be able to budget appropriately.

    • You may be able to defer your student loan payments during your term of service. Talk to your lender for more information.
    • MCC provides per diem for meals while on projects.
    • Many participants qualify for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance (SNAP) to help with purchasing food while not on projects
    • MCC provides uniform work shirts, hooded sweatshirts, transportation to work sites, tools, safety equipment (hard hat, work gloves, ear protection, and safety glasses) and group camping gear. (We encourage all members to provide their own personal equipment like a backpack, tent, and sleeping bag.  We have limited equipment available to loan out for applicants in need
    • DEI funds available to those who may need help purchasing gear or traveling to Montana.)
  • What’s the work schedule like?

    Flexibility is an essential part of a successful term of service. Your schedule will fluctuate to meet the needs of project partners. We often work well over 40 hours a week and on Saturdays and Sundays. Hitches may be nine or more days long, sometimes 12 weeks or more in remote locations. After each hitch, you will have 2-5 days off in town. For most of the season, you’ll be camping at frontcountry or backcountry locations, but you may also have weeks in town.

  • Do you offer college credit for your program?

    If you are able to coordinate this with your school, it may be possible to receive college credit, but you are responsible for working this out.

  • What’s the nature of the work?

    MCC completes projects at high elevations in all types of weather, and the work is physically rigorous. Over the course of your term, you may complete one or more of the following: historical building restoration, trail building/maintenance, fence building, fire restoration, habitat restoration, noxious weed removal, and community projects. 

  • Who does MCC work with?

    MCC crews work with over 150 project partner agencies, including these and many more!

    • The National Park Service
    • US Forest Service
    • Bureau of Land Management (BLM)
    • Fish and Wildlife Service
    • Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks