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All Women's Trail Crew

[Image description: Two MCC members are seen on a hillside utilizing a crosscut to saw away to a large fallen tree.]

Young Adult Opportunities

  • Location: Helena, MT
    Program Dates: 5/16/2022 - 10/19/2022
    Living Allowance: $737 biweekly before taxes are taken out
    AmeriCorps Education Award: $3,247.50 upon completion of the program
    Health Insurance: Provided at NO COST
    Member Assistance Program: Free 24/7 access to confidential behavioral health counseling, financial assistance, medical/legal advocacy, and more!
    Food Per Diem while on Projects
    Access to Pro Deals

All Women's Trail Crew

Work alongside women who understand the struggles of working in the male dominated conservation field.  A previous crew member describes, “As Zia and I sat together we began to laugh and talk as if we’d been the best of comrades for many years.  This experience of closeness became a very common one as the summer went on. We were nearly delirious from the heat and as we all had one of our first uncontrollable laughing fits as a crew, I felt some of my anxieties melt away and a wave of comfort swell around me.”

Welcome to the All Women's Trail Crew; this crew focuses on creating an experience where women can come together and work as a crew to tackle trail work projects, live in remote woodland settings, and focus on personal and professional growth within their team.  This crew is for anyone who identifies as a woman. We welcome trans applicants who are comfortable in a female-identifying space.  The work will be focused on trail work with heavy chainsaw usage in the Jefferson Zone of the Helena National Forest.  As part of the All Women's Trail Crew, you will be with other female identifying individuals with a focus on getting work done for America’s public lands. 

Crews will work and camp for up to 10 days at a time in frontcountry and backcountry locations in all types of weather conditions.  Each member will get basic first aid/CPR certifications, and, more importantly, a professional stepping stone to agencies like BLM, Forest Service, and the Parks Service! Beyond that, you are helping so many others to connect to the great outdoors and improving our environment.