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Field Program


Last Shoshone National Forest Hitch

A crew takes a selfie while making silly faces

Ah- our last Shoshone National Forest hitch! Bittersweet to say the least as this area is one of the most beautiful places we all have been. This hitch was frontcountry, which meant we could go all out for fun meals and we only had to hike 1.5 miles to our worksite each day. Working with Chris, our project partner, was fun and challenging as we worked alongside the mini excavator. He would dig out the old trail, and then we would come in with our tools to define the trail as well as install several culverts and drains. The section of the trail that we worked on has seen the major impact of water erosion that has caused the trail to trench out with revealed rocks. We built new switchbacks, cairns, and slashed the old trail to create a trail with better drainage and accessibility. We had several riders, hikers, and bikers say how much they loved the new trail, which is always great to hear. We also camped with another MCC for the first time this season, which was SO fun! Every night we started a campfire and chatted for hours before heading to bed with the sound of the river nearby. This hitch will always be remembered for the people and the amazing place we got to call our office!