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Field Program


Yellowstone River Trail

A crew member stands on an overlook above a river

Our last backcountry hitch was spent in the beautiful Yellowstone National Park. With the crisp fall weather moving in, we enjoyed our shorter 6.5 mile hike into our campsite right along the Yellowstone River. We encountered bison, elk, and even a bear from a distance! Our work included building rock checks, water bars, clearing the corridor, and digging out drains. The NPS partners that we worked with were incredible, and it was fun to get to know them as we worked closely alongside each other. One of the NPS workers even gave us an educational hour on how to apply for USA jobs and be a competitive applicant, as well as all of the opportunities in the park service. Overall, this hitch felt like a nice break from a hard season of work, and the scenery and history of YNP was magnificent.