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Field Program


Returning to Civilization

For three months our moxie crew of six lived and worked in the Bob Marshall Wilderness. Based out of the Big Prairie Ranger Station with ten forest service trail members and four MCC WRT members it was not quite the isolated experience we were anticipating. With a four piece band to lead us in song on the weekend, home cooked meals from the station kitchen, and an atmosphere disconnected from the pressures of the modern world the three months flew by. Communication to our lives in the outside world was limited to mail delivered by mule trains. Coming back from hitch to discover a letter in your cubby hole was always an exciting moment. The work was difficult and the hikes were long, but one could not ask for a more spectacular office space. All six of us took something different away from this time spent in the backcountry, but the one thing we all have in common is we cannot wait to go back.