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There Once Was A Crew At Grand Teton, a poem by Elizabeth Stone









There Once Was A Crew At Grand Teton

By Elizabeth Stone


There once was a crew at Grand Teton

Who loved a good rhyme and a song.

And so for you,

We have a limerick or two!

Dear reader, please come and sing along!


There once was a little ranch called Sky

Where we sawed both low and high 

Before a 40 ft line,

But not the white pine!

And now we are done and must say our



There once was a castaway at sea

Of sage, pine, and many a fir tree

But then she heard a clink!

And saw her link,

Hanging and swinging wild ‘n free!


There was a paramedic named Matt

Who we met on Saturday last 

And shared to the group

“Don't you dare poop!

“For I puke at the sight of scat!”


There was a moose in Moose

Just a guy on the loose

Not too tall!

Pretty small!

Maybe we should give him a pamplemousse!


There once was a camp called Gros Ventre.

That had all the crew could want,

Except for a shower,

But behold the power!

Of what a small river can flaunt!