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Sheep Creek

We had an incredible hitch this past week and a half. Starting at Sheep Creek we began our 15-mile loop on Tuesday. After hiking 2000ft of elevation, we stashed our tools and made our way to the rig for a front country night of camping. While there, we treated ourselves to too many La Croixs and Gummy Worms before calling it an early night. The next morning we set off to Sheep Creek again where we spent the majority of the day hiking, repairing tread, and finding a suitable campsite along the water. Setting off again, we went 2 miles to another campsite and began our long hitch of sawing. The majority of the days from here out were spent chainsawing, blazing, and a bit of brushing in the smokey atmosphere that did not seem to want to clear. Eventually, we made it out to the other end of the loop at Parks Creek. All told, we cut over 200 trees, climbed more than 3000 ft of elevation and enjoyed every minute of our third hitch.