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Kootenai Forestry Crew Surveys Past Burn Areas

The Kootenai Forestry Crew based out of the Raven Bunkhouse spent the last three hitches in past burn areas to ensure new seedlings were sprouting. Federal Law requires the Forest Service to restore any woodland area that has experienced any type of disturbance. Forest fire and logging are the two most common types of disturbances. Ideally, enough trees remain in the wake of disturbance to provide enough seedlings for the regeneration of the stand. This is not always the case.

The Kootenai Forestry Crew spent two days with silviculturists and Forest Service employees to familiarize themselves with the native and invasive flora. The crew then surveyed the three-year-old burn sites of the Moose Peak Fire. For every acre, a one 11 foot by 8-inch plot was drawn. The amount and health of Western Larch, Ponderosa Pine, White Pine, Lodge Pole, Grand Fir, and Doug Fir trees were documented for each plot. This data is then given to the Libby Civiculturist who then determines whether or not planting of new trees is necessary. The Kootenai Forestry Crew surveyed a total of 800 acres in the course of 3 hitches.