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Unbreakable Bonds

One month ago we never thought that we would be where we are now. Within this one month, we have made unbreakable friendships and bonds while having been through many ups and downs. Flooded tents, soaking clothes, illnesses, 100-degree weather, and crazy lightning storms. But through all this, we’ve been able to look across a national border on Mount Tuchuck to see Waterton Park and Glacier National Park, find and explore caves we’ve stumbled upon, and have countless other unique experiences. These people on my crew are not only my friends but they already feel like family to me. I couldn’t ask for a better crew. I am stoked to have created these bonds while also serving something greater than ourselves. It may not always be easy but the reward is always greater. Cutting and moving a total of 1,145 trees on one trail was an accomplishment we are all proud of. Now people and dogs, like our friend Scout the gorgeous golden retriever, can access and enjoy this trail while preserving the beautiful land that surrounds us.