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An (almost) Shocking Experience

With all of Tuesday morning showing off some impressive thunder and light rain, the whole crew seemed set on a day of digging new tread in the mud. After taking a brief break for nearing lightning, we thought the storm had blown over. After a few remarks about how the "clouds had moved over us" and it was clearing up, we continued our compass lesson. In the relative shelter of the gazebo we peacefully talked about inclusion in outdoor spaces. As the lesson neared its end, remarks were made about the sudden lack of thunder even as the fog surrounded us.

Suddenly, a great white flash surrounded us and the accompanying thunder shook the ground. The metal roof of the gazebo was all of a sudden far less inviting, and as we ran to the rig, we saw the shattered remains of a tall ponderosa pine in a nearby campsite only two hundred feet away. After a few deep breaths following the forty foot sprint to the safety of the rig, as well as the half hour wait period, we drove up to investigate the damage and check on the family camping in the closest site. With scorched four foot chunks strewn around the ground, the site was quickly vacant, and we left for work that morning a little more awake than we would have been any other morning.