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Interview with A Hiker: Bridger Teton National Forest

Interview with the first hikers to use the new trail:


Me: How do you feel about this new section of trail in comparison to the old section of trail?


Hikers: That was the old one? (pointing to old trail)


Me: Yes, we covered it up.


Hikers: I came last year, this is awesome, it’s amazing. How long have you guys been working on it?


Me: About three days - since Tuesday.


Hikers: How far up are you, like how much are you doing?


Me: We did this section (pointing to the section that we did) and then some other work.


Hikers: It’s great - how much traffic does this trail get?


Me: A lot of horses mainly, I’ve only seen a couple of hikers.


Hikers: Well it’s looking great guys, thank you, we appreciate it. It’s a real local’s hike. I come here about four or five times a year. Thank you.