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Hurry Up and Wait

Rookie school at Medicine Lodge State Park started off strong with beautiful weather, a petroglyph site, and make-your-own-pizza night. The rest of the hitch offered great food. (However, the MREs were questionable for some.) The BLM cadre smoked many meats including wild turkey and steaks.

Morning PT with a slight chance of vomit anyone? Daily PT proved to be challenging and encouraging all at once. We did circuit workouts, runs, hikes, and even played some ultimate frisbee. We also ended up playing blind dodgeball during a team building exercise.

What’s better than an outdoor classroom? NOTHING! We were very fortunate to have an outdoor classroom for Rookie School, where we took S-130 (Intro to Wildland Firefighting), S-190 (Intro to Fire Behavior), and the classroom portion of S-212 (Wildland Fire Chainsaws). Unfortunately, our saw field days were cancelled due to too much snow at the cut site. It be like that sometimes. We were lucky, however, to have instructors who shared many helpful and important anecdotes from their over 100 years of combined fire experience.

Our fire scenario day consisted of anchoring, flanking, and pinching, fire shelter deployments with a cactus surprise, and hoselays for days.

Life comes at you fast. If you don’t hurry up and wait, you might miss it.