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Stale Trail Mix

Trailwork, generally speaking, is a wonderful combination of tangible fulfillment and excitement. Cutting and moving gargantuan trees, building rock features that will (probably) outlast our fossil fuel based society, pushing yourself to new limits as you positively impact places you grow to love. Peachy indeed.

Brushing, the act of cutting branches and undergrowth out of the trail corridor, is not very peachy. Brushing is more like a bag of stale trail mix. While it has plenty of utility, it is not very enjoyable. It is devoid of excitement, physically undemanding, and has little lasting impact on the trail. All that brush is just going to grow right back. Plus, wandering about in the wilderness with suburban landscaping tools feels a little less cool than carrying around six foot long saws. Like so many of the essential tasks in our society (farming, domestic and health care work, education, pretty much anything of tangible benefit to people), it is not the most glamorous or enjoyable work, but some one has to do it. Good luck building a check step when you can't even find the trail.

Two brushing hitches in the bag, and the Next Perce crew is looking forward to some slightly more exciting (yet equally important) work to wrap up the season.