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Super fun times working on a superfund site!

Working on a superfund site proved to be an extremely rewarding and educational experience, with consistent opportunities to push ourselves as a crew. Learning about the historical context for why the restoration work was taking place in the Mount Haggin Wildlife Management Area made the work more meaningful, and we felt honored to be a part of the improvements. As well, returning to the same project site for three hitches meant we were able to explore a variety of different aspects of the work being done, lend our hands to a range of different tasks, and gain a better understanding of how all the components of the restoration work fit together at Mount Haggin.

Over the last 5 weeks, our crew sprayed invasive weeds on hillsides covered in dozer basins, we built beaver dam analogs, spread seed and fertilizer, and cleaned up plastic fencing. Our crew leader has been working on this project for his last 3 seasons with MCC and it was great to hear how much the area has changed for the better with each year he’s returned. We also experienced a variety of weather conditions, including extremely warm days, a snow storm, and most recently, smoke from the fires across the west. Despite nearing the end of the season, with our bodies tired from the last months of work, we all felt proud of the work we accomplished - all the work and strength gained from last projects really shined through.