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Wind River Turnpike

Our last hitch led us back to the Wind River Range near Pinedale Wyoming. Our primary focus on this hitch was building our third turnpike of the season through a boggy part of the Continental Divide Trail. This time, however, our frame was two massive logs, as opposed to many large rocks like our last two turnpikes, which we all felt was much sturdier. Once we had our turnpike framed, we found as many large rocks as possible to create our base layer and layered progressively smaller rocks until we ended with crush as our final layer. Our path to obtain an estimated 1 ton of crush took us off the trail, across a marsh and to the edge of the Green River. Needless to say, on our days of obtaining crush we were pretty wet, but we were allowed to have fires so we could dry our clothes and warm up at the end of the day. We were fortunate enough, once again to have a team of mules pack us out on the long 10-mile hike back to the Green River Lakes trail head.