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The Adventures of Salmon Crew

Hitch Three started with MCC Salmon returning to Duck Point to finish trails that we'd been unable to finish the previous hitch due to a summer snowstorm on top of the 9,000 ft ridge line the trails sat on. MCC Salmon spent the next three days sawing their way down the mountain opening up miles of trail. During this time, our crew also had a very awesome visitor from Missoula named Michelle. Michelle brought many gifts such as mail and a new chainsaw, and stuck around to work with our crew. 

After the team had finished clearing trails around Duck Point, our crew headed into the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness. Michelle also left around this time which was sad. Here the team learned how to crosscut from Cat and Lo, two members of the Forest Service trail crew. Well, having gotten used to our chainsaws, it took a little getting used to the craft of crosscut saw operation over the next few days, but the team quickly fell in love with crosscut work and managed to complete an entire trail by the end of their hitch.