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A Week in the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness

Flying into the wilderness is always a great start to a hitch. We flew from McCall, ID to Cabin Creek in the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness (the Frank). The aerial views as we flew across the Payette National Forest into the Frank were jaw dropping.

We worked alongside a Forest Service crew in Cabin Creek. Even between the seven of us, there was no shortage of weeds to spray. Our main targets were sulphur cinquefoil, rush skeleton, and common toadflax. We finished spraying the airstrip in the first few days and began climbing and spraying the surrounding hillsides for the rest of hitch. After long days, it’s encouraging to see how much you get done with your hard work.

Now for the critters! It’s difficult to feel lonely when your tent is filled with mosquitos and grasshoppers. However, we can’t say we were too sad to say goodbye to them. During the day, we constantly had to watch our footing to make sure we weren’t walking up on a rattlesnake. As a crew, we had eight rattlesnake encounters - it definitely kept us on our toes the whole hitch!