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If you want to be in the know about what’s going on at our organization, you’ve come to the right place.   Be sure to check back regularly to get our latest news updates.

In this blog, Natalie shares how picking wild huckleberries raised their crew's spirits in an otherwise challenging hitch.

A slow hike down the mountain, and early morning pancakes the next day.

Greater Yellowstone Crew 1 describes their challenging but rewarding hitch out in the Bridger Teton National Forest, clearing 360 trees from 15 miles of trail!

Jessica and William describe their hitch where they built bear boxes in Bridge Bay campground.

Our NPS Women's Fire crew recounts the ups and downs of their recent hitch.

Elizabeth shares the poem that the NPS Women's Fire Crew created about their recent hitch.

This week the crew worked in concert with Gallatin Invasive Species Alliance and the US Forest Service to tackle the noxious weeds of the Gallatin Gateway.

Braxton explains their crew's hitch of surveying prior National Forest burn areas, and how the areas are restored.

Lincoln YCC gets a crash course on trail work.

Guest blogger Erin recounts their third hitch, doing a variety of tasks along a 15-mile loop near Sheep Creek in the Payette National Forest.

In the first two weeks of the Lincoln YCC program, close friends became even closer through hard work.

It can be difficult to determine what makes MCC such a great experience but it is wondrous attempting to describe it.

Lincoln YCC crew leaders Mary and Emma learn a new skill and grow their confidence.

Expedition Leaders Caspar and Erin recall their hitch removing barbed wire out on the Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range.

Ashley writes about the 'unbreakable bonds' that their crew has formed this season

South Youth Program leaders learned and bonded on our field skills hitch.

In which we almost get struck by lightning and learn about the beauty of parking really close to camp.

This was a hitch to remember, with a lot of early mornings and weeds to kill!

This blog describes the crew's first experiences dealing with invasive weeds

MUD Crew spent a week bushwhacking through sagebrush and aspen stands in a desert-like environment, trying their best to not get bitten by rattlesnakes.

Sam shares the exploits of MCC GY region field crew 2.

Cam recounts crew #3's hitch cutting a reroute through the Whetstone Ridge trail in the Pintlers featuring a bunch of cows and lots of hard work.

Amidst a record-setting heat wave, our crew visited the site of a devastating 2003 firestorm - a haunting image at the beginning of a hot summer

In this blog MCC Conservation Intern Ash, serving with the BLM and USFS out of the Beartooth Ranger District, recounts her vertical cave training. Ash will focus on surveying karst and cave features within the Pryor Mountains looking for cultural, mineral, archaeological, hydrologic, recreational, and biologically valuable features that could merit protection.

Greater Yellowstone Crew 5 interviews a hiker about their newly constructed trail.

Ash describes the hitch at Twintyone Creek, a hitch that takes the crew just past the halfway mark of the summer.

Elizabeth describes everything they learned during the NPS Women's Fire Crew's first hitch in Grand Teton National Park!

Leaders Nicole and Kyle asked their youth members to recount some of the funniest moments they experienced during this past hitch.

Our NPS Women's Fire Crew describes their time at Rookie School in Medicine Lodge State Park.

The NPS Women's Fire Crew shares their crew Kitchen contract and their delicious meals on hitch.

GY Crew 5 describes their family "Christmas" celebrations

Northern Rockies crew member Francesca describes their crew's hitch at Granite Lake in the Cabinet Mountains and the refreshing qualities of a good old head dunk.

We really crushed this hitch... literally

Josh describes his crew's recent hitch, working on trails around the town of Helena.

Graham describes The Curdle Sister's second hitch planting native plants at Pompey's Pillar National Monument.

Rosy describes her first hitch on an all-female crew and working with a reconstruction crew.

The season of building beaver mimicry dams begins!

In this blog, Ellie recalls their crew's recent hitch where they observed a dispatch office for fire response and worked to mitigate juniper.

Crew member William shares his account of their recent hitch to construct a wildlife-friendly fence in the Madison Valley.

Wildland Restoration Crew member Will recounts a recent hitch where his crew partnered with the West Yellowstone Resource Management team to put an end to the noxious weed epidemic in good ole Yellowstone National Park.

Logan recounts Field Crew 2's second hitch to Big Hole Battlefield and the important historical significance that site has.

Guest authors Russell and Cam write about their hitch in the Pryors building jack fences with Don and the BLM.

Crew Member Jessie briefly describes this Northern Rockies crew's first hitch!

This post highlights the skills that Greater Yellowstone Crew 6 (aka Mud Crew) developed on their first hitch in the Black Hills National Forest in South Dakota.

New Northern Rockies leader Aaron recounts his dizzying first few days arriving to serve with MCC and being whisked into the backcountry- meanwhile learning he is more adaptable than he thinks.

In these two submissions, authors Jessica and Mia share their first hitch experiences building a trail and learning how to use tools at Mountain Sky Guest Ranch in Emigrant, MT.

Our WRT crew worked with Yellowstone Resource Management to learn how to ID and treat noxious weeds in the Greater Yellowstone area.

In the corps world, you're often stopped by trail users for thanks and questions. In this blog, Nicholas shares what response quickly became the running joke of the hitch: "Not a bad office!"

MCC’s North and South Youth Programs combined forces this past week to finish out a multi-week long boardwalk project in Yellowstone National Park.

This local Kalispell and Troy Leaders Crew partnered up with Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife & Parks to help the restoration process of local and cross-county rivers.