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Kate O’Neill | Director of Programs

Kate O’Neill | Director of Programs

Kate lived in Vermont for 20 years before (finally!) moving west to Montana in March 2016. While her children were young, Kate taught preschool and ran afterschool programs. By the time they were in elementary school, Kate had been hired as the Education Director for an organization called "Farms for City Kids" in Reading, Vermont. After her time there, Kate worked as the Program Director for the Farm and Wilderness Foundation, and then as the Director of Student Affairs and Title IX Coordinator at Granite State College. After spending six years in higher education, Kate missed the energy of a mission-driven organization, and the inspriation from working on behalf of youth and the environment... cue MCC! Kate enjoys snowboarding, bike riding, farming & gardening, volunteering, listening to radio lab, and spending time with her children (for the most part!). 

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    Accredited Corps with The Corps Network