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About Us


Silence is not an option. MCC stands in solidarity with the courageous leaders - Black, Indigenous, and People of Color - who are leading the transformation of our society to a more just nation free from racism and oppression. For all we've done at MCC to advance justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion (JEDI) in our organization, we also acknowledge we have been complacent about confronting systemic racism. MCC pledges to listen and learn from BIPOC leaders, acknowledge and confront our biases, reform our systems and practices, engage our partners in creating welcoming and empowering experiences in the outdoors for all young people, and to working with intention to create an institution with opportunity, service and justice for all.

Actions we are taking to address racism and oppression include a commitment to educating our staff and board members with JEDI initiatives to discuss recent events and continue our learning, establishment of a staff JEDI committee, development of a board JEDI committee, and our continued funding for a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion fund to help provide financial assistance for relocation costs and gear for members interested in joining MCC.  

Below is our commitment to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Justice - a core principle in our employee handbook.


[Image Description: A picture of the Rocky Mountain Front, with the word 'RACISM' with a red line strike through it.]


Since our inception, MCC has believed that a work environment that is truly diverse, equitable and inclusive draws upon and respects the unique characteristics, skills and experiences of all employees, members and youth who are part of our organization. We believe that by embracing a wide array of perspectives – different races and ethnicities, genders and gender identities, life experiences and backgrounds, and more – our organization becomes more creative, flexible and productive. We also know that the growth of our corps members is deepened, accelerated, and made more relevant in an environment where justice, equity, inclusion, and diversity are paramount. Advancing these principles is fundamental to our mission of preparing leaders, stewards, and citizens.

Yet, we also recognize that when it comes to dismantling systemic racism and fostering a truly just, equitable and inclusive community, we are beginners. MCC is part of the problem, but also essential to the solution. Whatever competencies we may have developed over 30 years as a corps, in this area we’re at the start of a steep learning curve. As an organization invested in developing leaders, stewards and “citizens,” it is our responsibility to make sure we are providing a learning environment in which our participants, staff, board members and partners feel safe and supported.  Doing this demands that we engage in dialogue about dismantling systemic racism and other societal systems of oppression, examine our biases and practices, and own up to what we don’t know. We must be willing to be uncomfortable and to make mistakes, so that we may truly learn and lead change – in ourselves and in our organization.

MCC’s commitment to diversity extends beyond the organization to our communities and environment. An increasingly diverse society requires an increasingly diverse workforce of corps graduates with skills and values to be leaders and community builders in this changing world. A lack of varied voices is particularly acute in the areas of land management and conservation where many of the jobs and practices reflect the values and traditions of a single, white culture. The cultivation and inclusion of diverse perspectives will be essential in developing responses and solutions in the future. Similarly, engaging citizens from diverse background will be vital in developing the next generation of environmental stewards.