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COVID 19 Updates

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Monday, March 16, 2020


For decades, conservation corps around the country, including Montana Conservation Corps, have repeatedly stepped up to be of service to our neighbors and to support our communities in times of crisis. Clearly, we are in one of those times, and I am so proud of how our team is working together to find a way forward, to overcome the challenges presented by the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis.

As the threat and spread of COVID-19 continues to impact our communities, the safety of our corps members, staff, and neighbors is paramount. Along with that is our responsibility to provide the life changing program that we have promised each corps member.

For the foreseeable future, MCC will continue working on all projects and with all partners and host sites that we can - while following the guidance of our public health officials on how to keep our participants purposefully engaged and safe. As an AmeriCorps organization, our ethic of service has MCC also connecting with local organizations like food banks, to see how we may help them manage their increased workloads. We are postponing all community events scheduled for March and April. However, the corps model is adaptable and always focused on managing risk. Our crew leaders, therefore, continue with their training activities while maintaining the highest levels of health and hygiene and while practicing social distancing measures in small groups. The same holds true for supporting our in-town employees, for whom we are adopting remote work practices and other strategies to help us continue to meet our mission. We continue to plan for operating our programs which begin in May.

MCC has thrived thanks to a broad community of stakeholders who help us advance our mission. These stakeholders include local organizations, local, state, and federal agency project partners, our alumni and current participants, and a family of donors and grantors who make our programs come alive.  MCC remains committed to you all in these uncertain times, and we thank you for being here for our corps members and our nation as our communities rally to overcome this crisis.

Sincerely, Jono McKinney, President and CEO

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