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JULY 22, 2021 UPDATE

The completion of the participant health questionnaire is NO LONGER required before the start of each hitch.  Crews should continue to monitor the health of their participants on a daily basis.  People demonstrating COVID-19 symptoms should be tested immediately.  Crews are required to travel with masks at all times in the event they encounter projects, enter businesses, or engage in situations where masks are required.  Masks can be cloth, surgical, or KN95.

MCC will not ask members or staff to see proof of vaccinations.  Based on our interpretation of the State of Montana’s Executive Order 7-2021, found here, an employer asking to see proof of vaccination may be in violation of EO-7-2021. 

MCC feels that the risks of COVID-19 on fully vaccinated people, in accordance with the CDC’s position, is extremely low.  We are strongly encouraging non-vaccinated participants and staff to protect themselves by obtaining a vaccination and/or continuing to follow CDC guidelines to protect themselves from the risks associated with contracting COVID-19.